Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Payday Loan Company Offers New Technology

By J.J. Cameron
Payday Loan Writer

From one payday loan company to others around the Net, here's an opportunity to experiment with breakthrough technology. 

Those looking to add sub prime lending/payday loan lending capabilities to an existing business - yet are unsure if the product will be received well by clientele - Cash Now presents a unique try-before-you-buy program. You can test out new payday loan software for 12 months at about 70% off the purchase price.

At the end of the year, users may purchase the system at the current pricing. Cash Now’s platform is entirely built on the Microsoft ASP platform, an effective means toward a reliable, faxless payday loan ends.

Consumers, of course, would benefit from the ease with which they could submit an online application for payday loans. 

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