Saturday, August 13, 2005

Payday Loan Protesters Assemble In Oregon

By Roman Parchowsky
Payday Loan Writer

South Eugene, OR — Friday night, members of the Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network gathered outside the Eugene Emerald's game to protest the payday loan industry. Pickets told people to be aware of the high costs associated with this type of loan.

What sparked the demonstration were the magnets that were given out to baseball fans at the EM's game. On it is a small logo for Check-Into-Cash, a loan center that helped sponsor the giveaways.

Members of the Solidarity Network say the interest rates on these types of loans are too high and that they take advantage of low-income workers who are desperate for cash. "They're not a good neighbor, they're not an asset to our community at all, we don't feel. A $300 no fax cash loan can rollover to $180 or more in fees," John Evans with the Eugene-Springfield Solidarity Network said.

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    […] This should not be that hard. Some Republicans don’t like the restrictions in the payday loan initiative, but polls suggest an overwhelming percentage of Oregonians do. Oregonians are right. The runaway payday loan industry must be reined in. […]

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